THE collective conscience...

We strongly believe a good party can make the world a better place.

When individuals are brought together in a segregated space, when everyone is hearing and feeling the same frequencies, when everyone is moving to the rhythm. It’s a form of meditation. Strengthened by being together.

Come dance with us.



LINKS AF will be part of the fantastic Vondelbunker Festival! Expect underground sounds and talent a warm, welcoming atmosphere with music providing the emotional fuel for the evening.


The TEAM |||

Get acquainted with the talented artists who will be filling our soundstage.

At one of our previous parties a DJ had a medical emergency forced a DJ out of the lineup at the last moment. Frantically we searched for a replacement who fit our party and came across this gem.

Transformator has been ebbing and flowing for many years. Recently finding solidarity as the trio you see above you. The sound is defined through a gritty analog core, lush synths and poking samples that bring a smile to your face.


ICC fit well within the ethos of the LINKS AF parties. Three happy go lucky lads who don’t take themselves to seriously all the while playing some seriously certified chuunes. Strap in m8! (Second half of the set below)


We met this fine gentleman through the legendary ZZW parties. To this date one of our favorite “off the beaten paths” to let it all out. A perfect candidate to close the night out or keep it going.

We will let the following set do most of the talking as the man himself is of few words when it comes to his art. He lacks anything but a voice when he steps up to the decks however.


LINKS AF is about creating our own space and time.

An isolated space, a dim dance floor. Music, moving to the rhythm. Healing.